A laboratory information system LIS is a series of computer programs that processes stores and manages data from all stages of medical processes and tests. Physicians and lab technicians use laboratory information system to deal with many varieties of inpatient and outpatient medical testing.

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The rules are also customizable which reduces errors and help in decision making as well. Our result delivery services are like no other they are quick and accurate, once we get the approval from the lab these reports can be faxed, printed, delivered, emailed or sent to the host depending on the requirement. Same goes for the records of the patient, they can be saved electronically in the record so that they can be available later on to have a look, print, fax, deliver, email or sent to a host. All these things help in the productivity and quality control in your laboratory.

Lab technicians and physicians use laboratory information system to supervise many varieties of inpatient and outpatient medical testing including hematology, immunology, chemistry, microbiology.  Most of the basic laboratory information systems have integrated features which deal with patient check in, order entry, specimen processing, result entry and patient demographics.

A Laboratory information system tracks and stores every feature about a patient from the minute they arrive until they leave and keeps the information stored in its database for future allusion.

Some points that Laboratory Information System (LIS) include:

  • Administrative reports
  • Training of the users
  • Proper quality control
  • Mining of the data
  • Reports of the patient
  • Entry done in a proper order
  • Quick result delivery



-Adaptable expert workflow

-Advanced lab-pharmacy-clinical addition

-Optimistic patient ID for example collection at the point of care for -patient safety

-Outreach billing and Web-based test orders, results and medical -necessity checking

-Laboratory financial system that delivers clean billing and success examination

Get Expansion for your LIS as your laboratory growth:

We are a company that will provide you more than a LIS, we will make sure that you get completely satisfied, we won’t fall below your expectations and we promise an amazing experience this is the reason as to why we are so recognized. The LIS we provide will help you manage things with ease, one can easily eradicate errors, increase revenue, order entry staff, save precious time and speed up the process of your work. Reimbursements can be enhanced and makes time consuming task the first priority so that the can be done before time goes out. Patient reports can be modified and can show previous results in the form of visuals.