Product Range For a Healthy Society:

At iTack our vision was to provide solutions for a “Healthy Society” and that’s exactly what we did. Our core business is responsible for providing Technology Solutions to the Health Care Industry on standards, practices and patterns equal to that of US and European Health Setups so that we can at least try to start and mimic and bring on board the quality of Health Care everyone deserves. Hence our core business functions not only involve the design, analysis and delivery of software solutions that can help improve processes at Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Pharmacies, Blood Banks etc – it also involves extensively, educating the people on the need and advantage of such systems. Hence our end to end services provide our customers with software, best international health practices, improved and efficient processes and ultimately “Better Patient Care”.

i-Roster is an out-of-the-box solution for preparation of electronic duty roster for the entire hospital staff including Administrators, Doctors, Dieticians, Consultants, RMOs, Nurses,
Ward Boys, Kitchen Staff and Cleaners etc. i-Roster is meant to provide a hassle free way of managing duty shifts, schedules, vacations, on-duty staff record and leaves or absences.

i-Track is a complete Human Resource Management System that allows Employee Payroll Management, Work Hours Calculation, Sign-in / outs, Leaves and Absences Calcualtion, Automated Printing of Cheques and Payslips, Taxes Calcualtion as well as Confi guration Management for the main HMIS you use! Track and Trace every employee through your organization and manage department level and enterprise level employee

i-Pharmacy is a system beyond the ordinary Store Keeping. It is specially deisgned to cater to the Pharmacy requirements, the software is meant to provide single and multiple store locations and warehouses togther with a combination of in-facility and outfacility stores. Keep track of supplies approaching expiry dates and supplies that need re-ordering. Connect with i-Care for automatically reading e-prescriptions

i-Labs provides a simple and fl exible approach to management of Lab Reports and Tests both within and outside a Hospital System. It is quickly integrated with the Patient Record Management System, i-Labs provides quick and transparent reporting services including Biochemistry reports, Urine and Blood Tests, Radiology Test Reports, MRI and other Advanced Scans. Record accurate results and communicate it directly to

Become “Paperles” Now:

i-Care is what we call the solution for an end to end “Paperless Hospital”. Easier said then done! Hospitals contain thousands of forms and files that float around from department to department. Hence developing a product that can not only automate their processes but also provide them more efficient ways of working and introducing International Health Standards in their day to day activities is what i-Care really does. From the moment a Patient gets electronically registered into the system, his bar-coded identity traces him across the hospitals various departments. Not only are his records all electronically tagged and stored within i-Care, the system is intelligent enough to chart out various trends on his pathology and biochemistry lab results and also provide various analytical angles on his radiology through integrated PACS system. i-Care on one hand takes care of the Hospital’s Operational Processes through its modules of HR, Inventory, Finance, Departmental Management etc and on the other hand very efficiently meets it’s main objective of providing a Patient Centric environment for Patient Care through it’s Clinicals, Labs, PACS and Specialized Clinics module. The Products main beauty is its Patient’s Dashboard with built in Diagnosis using ICD Codes 10, issuing e-prescriptions and advising patients plan of care.