Better Decision Through Mapping!

iTack Solution’s GIS division provides GIS data and application software solutions to clients globally. The expertise and capability to combine geospatial data and software services in a comprehensive solution is what uniquely differentiates iTack from the rest in the market. Our GIS platform and vendor independent approach ensures we employ best-of-breed technologies in our client solutions, using the best technical solutions.
Use of GIS in Modeling & Analytics:


Earthquake Damage Assessment

River Flood Mode

Time-stepping Wind Field/Hurricane Model


South East Asia Disaster Insurance and Risk Management

Modeling Catastrophic Risks in United States & beyond

Catastrophe Modeling for insurance firms, government agencies, and investment firms


Maps to reflect Periodic Risk Change


Weekly, Quarterly

Progress on Risk Reduction Goals


Maps to reflect DFA: Dynamic Financial Analysis

Risk Profile: Where and Why?

What If Analysis: User Drill Down

Optimization: Min/Max Subject to …