Canada vs. USA health systems

Why Canadian health system is better than of United States? Canada is, in many respects, culturally and economically similar to the United States, and until relatively recently, the two countries had similar health systems. However, since passage of the Canada Health Act in the 1970s, that nation’s health statistics have become increasingly superior. The College of Family Physicians of Canada, CFPC recommends the introduction of the medical home concept for the people of Canada; incorporating the strengths of medical home models elsewhere in the world with the primary care renewal experiences currently unfolding across Canada. A medical home is a patient-centred medical care setting where:

  • Patients have a personal family physician who provides and directs their medical care.
  • Care is for the patient as a whole.
  • Care is coordinated, continuous and comprehensive with patients having access to an inter-professional team.
  • There is enhanced access for appointments.
  • The practice includes well-supported information technology, including an electronic medical record.
  • Remuneration supports the model of care.
  • Quality improvement and patient safety are key objectives.