Electronic Health Records or EHR System can help in exchanging patient health information through electronic means which ultimately assures better quality and safer health care for patients. This consequently results in improvement in the workflow of the organization. The EHR System assists the health care providers to better manage health care for their patients through the implementation of the following points:

  • There is a precise, updated and complete health care medical record of the patient
  • There is a quicker access to patient medical records for a more efficient and coordinated health care
  • The electronic information exchange process becomes evidently more secure
  • The efficiency in the overall diagnostic capability of the health care providers increases resulting in lesser chances of errors
  • There is improved communication between the patient and the health care staff that increases workflow
  • Prescription process becomes more reliable and safer
  • There is more legibility and transparency in the documenting procedures with streamlined billing and coding
  • Patient data becomes more secure and safer
  • The productivity of the health care unit is improved
  • Health care providers become more efficient in meeting their business goals
  • Costs are reduced that saves the overall budget and does not intervene in the flow of the revenue

Health Care Improvement

Electronic Health Records or EHR System is an important tool for transforming health care. Its vast list of advantages continues further as:

The Improvement in the health care through better and more efficient patient care in terms of security, privacy, efficiency, communication, awareness, punctuality, and equality.

Enhanced quality of lifestyle through the implementation of timely health procedures that include physical activity, nutrition and behavioral adjustments with a preventative lifestyle Increased efficiency and decreased health care cost through the promotion of preventative medicine and better communication of different paradigms of health care and reduced waste Improved medical decision making through the enhanced integration of patient data.

One of the best example of compact EHR systems these days is iCare.

It’s the one stop solution for the various needs of advancing health care. From providing convenient automated environment for clinicians to handling complexities of finance and HR module, iCare is functioning dynamically to enhance the role of technology in medical world.