Web based emr

If you are confused as to choosing a Client-Server EMR system or a Web EMR system than the best option for you is to choose a vender that provides a solution that works both as a Client-Server and a Web EMR system. Many EMR systems available on the market today are equipped to take on anyone of the role. At present Client-server systems are not considered obsolete since there are still used by some larger practices because of having multiple offices. Depending on the vendor and the maker of that particular Client Server EMR Software, it can be run as an ASP or SaaS, with the user experience remaining the same. But there are only few EMR software that were developed with vision and sight and unfortunately, most of the Client-Server systems are not able to function as Web EMR’s.

The fact of the matter is that whether anyone prefers it or not, healthcare is headed to the web. All the new EMR systems that were recently launched are all Web EMRs and the vendors that developed these systems are planning on developing and launching Web-based alternatives. The Web EMRs are all set to play a critical role in allowing practices of any size to achieve the full benefits of automation.”

Here are some pros of Web EMR systems.

  • Less licensing costs
  • No investment needed to purchase servers, hardware or software
  • Makes the transition from a different system easier for everyone
  • More cost effective for small and group practices
  • Better availability of support
  • Less down time
  • Data is recoverable in case of disaster
  • Patient data is more secure because of  more sophisticated security measures for data protection
  • The responsibility to meet HIPAA regulations is taken on by the Vendor
  • Ideally suited for physicians who travel a lot

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